Why We Offer more than just a workout!

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

When it comes to your health,  what is important? Is it about looking and feeling good, or is more involved?  The doctor can give you a clean bill of health and say that "you're as healthy as an ox", however, you can still have physical aches and pains, limitations and restrictions of movement that negatively impact  the way you feel, and be completely stressed out too, right? There is more to achieved if you want to experience good health and living well.

Consider this:​  Wellness is established through integrating the mental, physical, and the spiritual components of life in such a way that harmony prevails. Wellness is the  complete package; a healthy body and a healthy mind, plus having an understanding or direction in life that stems from a deeper self awareness - spiritual understanding. We believe that you are much more than just bodies that need to be whipped into shape. We offer more than just a workout for this reason.  The traditional personal training approach has been replaced with a  coaching partnership.  

Our Monthly Autopay Packages include coaching- yoga- method exercise- Ayurveda nutrition- massage, and one one one attention. Services are organically implemented during a session, can be purchased separately in a package, and designed to facilitate a comprehensive approach to your health.  

Coaching is  communication that  can lead to self exploration and understanding. What we focus on gets our attention and our personal power.   We want to see people prosper in all ways. Focus on your wellness, happiness, harmony, peace, love, fulfillment and all other virtuous states of existence that can be experienced, and you will have them.  How do we get there?  We find that most focus on the opposite of what they want, not recognizing that they are doing it.  Imagine a batter not seeing the glitch in his swing, and the coach bringing it to his attention.

Nutrition  must be part of the  focus to improved heath because food is the chemistry that impacts both the mental and physical experience of life. Knowing how and what to eat makes a big difference in today's data overloaded world.  What can out perform a bad diet? We help you gain clarity in this area so you can create something new.  Ayurveda, an eastern approach to optimizing health and wellness, is the philosophy that we use because it is personalized to each individual. 

Massage is touch that can heal, sooth a baby, reassure a friend or restore an area of the body that is out of harmony . This is why we combine these  services and there is no up-charge.

Exercise is the vehicle that we ALL must drive.  The absence of movement is the most detrimental thing that we can do to a body that was designed to move.  How you exercise is important as well.  Cross-fit,  Yoga, Pilates are all modalities to be  explored, but what is best method of exercise for you?   To us, "It's  ALL MOVEMENT! The real question is what benefits you the most?

We offer more than just a workout  because we have discovered that true health can only exist when there is harmony between the mind, body and spirit.  This can only happen through understanding how to create and sustain what you desire in your life experience. There is a real benefit and value to what we offer and it is not the traditional approach. We use all of our services for your highest good.  You can also use our services according to your needs in the moment. Goals are often long-term and unexpected things come up one day at a time.   Our clients call our services a Personal Support System because you have options to manage your health daily.

You can always continue to get beat up by trainers that believe, "No Pain- No Gain" is the only way to health. We...disagree!

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