The Delta Method Philosophy of Coaching

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Why Coaching? Coaching is the foundation of The Delta Method services because it is and exchange of information that shifts our understanding, expanding the internal workings of our being, mentally and spiritually. An expansion in awareness leads to greater possibilities. In a day and age of alternative facts, it is clear that words are powerful, and when use correctly, can facilitate change that leads to transformation.

Our coaching philosophy and techniques promote awareness and the importance of modifying one's personal use of the “spoken word”. Statements that diminish one's self such as, "I don't have good balance or I am not good at that', often creates an internal condition of defeat before the journey begins. It is the glass half empty perspective that represents lack or promote feelings of not good enough. This may seem insignificant, but a personal test can bring awareness to anyone willing to see for themselves.

Changing your speech allows one to lay claim immediately on the actual conditions desired, although these conditions may yet be unseen. All transformation begins internally, first. We have learned that to "believe that you have received' starts within first, not without. We all know and agree with the little engine that said, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can"! What we hold in our consciousness and embrace as true, is really the beginning of accepting the desired goals as completed, while maintaining the faith, staying diligent, that your desires will come to pass. Sometimes it helps to be reminded, encouraged, praised for the small things that lead to the end hoped for. Coaching offers so much more than the typical, traditional exercise session. And, it allows the uniqueness of each individual to be respected and appreciated.

There is a difference between being given a clean bill of health by a physician, and feeling mentally and spiritually well. Wellness, though often overlooked, is critical if optimal health is to be experienced. The degree of client participation is of their choosing. Coaching packages are available, as each service can be experience independently. However, our monthly membership, which is simply our monthly autopay packages, affords you access to ALL SERVICES. With a monthly autopay commitment to yourself, you can schedule a coaching, personal training, nutritional guidance, or yoga session independently if desired. Membership has its privileges, right?

Our coaching methods increase understanding in many ways. Why is form, posture and breathing so important? What keeps you from getting hurt when you are pushing yourself? We teach you how to use our services to manage your health physically and mentally, while becoming self sufficient. Clients can experience coaching formally or informally, bringing a greater value to their time invested in each session. This availability can lead to establishing conversation beyond chit-chat, allowing session communication to be intentional, and with purpose. Also, this is how the mental and spiritual components of life can be incorporated, moving beyond physical health to include wellness.

Our coaching approach organically facilitates each session based on immediate needs while respecting the long-term goals of each client.

Clients begin to recognize the power of their own words and, it leads to a greater understanding of why the changes they desire exist mentally first. This also helps clients understand how to use all services as a Personal Support System for themselves, reinforcing personal responsibility for their own life and existing conditions.

Essentially, The Delta Method Personal Support System is geared towards restoring physical & mental health through education and implementation of services that have an established, proven track record.

The time for Change is Now! Are you ready?

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