Corrective & Restorative Massage Benefits

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

There are so many techniques of "touch therapy" that has been around for thousands of years. How is massage used for corrective and restorative purposes? Patting the back of a crying baby to sooth and comfort it or stroking the back or head of your pet is a relaxing, reassuring, restorative, energy related exchange for sure. But, what makes this restorative?

Imagine a pat on the back turning into a deeper rub, relaxing  strokes, focused  on freeing the muscles from tension and ache.   Soreness and pain  surfaces as if it has been hidden from plain sight.  You didn't notice the area before, but now you wonder how you could have missed it.  You think to yourself, "this is why my shoulders have been bothering me."  

Many of our patron are surprised to find that they have hidden area's of stress in the body.  These area's go unnoticed and unchecked until they "boil over".   It is then that we seek to address the issue.   A nail that pierces the foot is quite obvious and immediately requires attention.  However, some things age with time and, unlike wine, get worst and demands attention like a spoiled child.  Just like you do the maintenance around your house, car, etc, you must maintain the body also.  Finding resources that have the ability and "know how" , can prove to be invaluable.  And, like everything else in life, cost is a factor for us all.

This is why the value of what we offer in our studio far exceeds a simple workout.  Who really wants to get beat up, go home to recover from the event, and wake up only to be sore for several days because the exercise session was too much for the body at that time?    Now, you have options and can experience a greater benefit than just a workout.

We offer much more than just a workout!

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