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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Change that leads to TRANSFORMATION!

The Delta Method is a Personal Support System. It is a comprehensive approach to health and wellness through services that benefit the whole person, and not just the body. Our services utilize a Coaching relationship as its foundation. The list of services are: Personal Coaching - Personal Training - Yoga - Ayurvedic Nutrition - Area-Specific Massage

We all use resources to move our lives towards our desires. You don't have to be a million dollar athlete to benefit from a coaching experience. A coach can facilitate change that leads to transformation, helping identify old habits and behaviors that must give way to new. Habits and behaviors must match the state that you wish to experience and live. There is truth to this phrase, “You cannot put new wine into an old skin." Old ways of being must yield to new ways of living if goals are to be reached. This means YOUR methods must change and align with habits and behaviors that match the new state of experience desired.

We help you identify a place to start, facilitating the beginning of the changes you want, and help you understand how to make these changes permanent. Our approach is holistic, affecting you mentally first, since it all starts there. Why do this alone?

We consider you the expert of YOUR life. We acknowledge this and its importance. Our coaching approach facilitates growth in understanding, helping you close gaps that may be keeping you from achieving your health & wellness goals, and much more. To facilitate; to make easier or less difficult; help forward an action or a process, etc.

What is unique about what we offer, is access to ALL SERVICES, allowing you to schedule any one independently, or mix the use in the moment based on your immediate need. As Coaches, we implement services organically during each session, meeting the needs in the moment, while keeping long term goals in mind. Only our monthly membership packages offer this level of flexibility, access and diversity. In fact, we find the best and greatest benefit of utilizing our services, occur through consistency and flexibility. This is what sets us apart from the traditional training approach. Imagine being tired and not up for your normal workout. You are tempted to cancel, then your remember, you can come in for an area-specific massage session. If a monthly membership is not currently an avenue of choice, each service can be purchased and scheduled individually. The best value and benefit is our monthly membership package; once, twice or three times per week.

Coaches implement services organically during each session, meeting the needs in the moment, while keeping long term goals in mind. However, this partnership requires your participation. This means that we do what is needed in the moment, utilizing any combination of our services for your greater good, but you can request what you believe to be beneficial. You are NOT locked into just a personal training session!

"We offer more than just a workout!" read more

Anyone that attempts to change from an existing state of their life’s experience to new or preferred conditions, must let go of the old mental habits, behaviors, beliefs, and unconscious activity patterns. These are the barriers that perpetuate and keep the current state alive. Get rid of the old and make room for the new is more of an internal, cognitive function than a "no pain no gain attitude" that focuses on just exercise alone. Let us help you identify what is needed to achieve your new vision of yourself, the new state of existence that you desire, and bring wellness into your experience. Don't settle for just looking good. Take all that's available, mentally, physically and spiritually!

The Delta Method is YOUR change method that YOU can use to establish your own methods of change, that leads to transformation and permanent results. Each of our monthly autopay membership packages are priced at our best rate of $40 for a 50 minute session. See our single session rate here. Our service packages and monthly membership rates are here.

Want more info on a particular service? Select a link here: Personal Coaching - Personal Training - Yoga - Ayurvedic Nutrition - Area-Specific Massage.

This is why our clients call our combination of services a Personal Support System. Don't miss a session because you are too tired. This is where area-specific massage can make a difference. You now have a much better approach to realizing your health and wellness objectives at your fingertips.

Come experience what we offer in our custom built studio. We offer ONLY ONE-on-ONE sessions currently, no classes. Beginners to advanced are welcome. Click here to sign up for your new member, complimentary session. You will NOT find what we offer anywhere else, and, the pricing makes it affordable for ALL, not just the stars!

You can stick with the traditional personal training approach and OLD methods of "NO PAIN NO GAIN". But, why?

Take a comprehensive approach to your health and wellness.The time for Change is Now!

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