Area Specific Massage Techniques & Table Time

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Imagine having areas of your body that have been compromised in some way.  We don't always know why tenderness and pain exist in our body. We do know what it feels like to be stuck, without options to restore ourselves and get back to a normal, pain free existence.  The medical community does not know ALL and, often prescribes  drugs to manage the pain but you are left with  the conditions.  As long as you have drugs, you're good right?  NO!  So, what options do you have?  

You exercise with your coach once, twice or three times per week; your choice.  You  find that the coach  wants to identify any limitations or restrictions that exist. Why?  Because you can limit results when pain is present and, if there are restrictions or limitations in your body, we need to know about it!  We do not want to exaggerate something that is already undesirable and, pain stops progress and hinders goal achievement.   

Area specific massage is a focus that is incorporated at the end of your sessions for the purpose of restoration from the exercise session.   Our focus  is also on improving any area that needs attention. We do not make promises about outcomes, but we do make the effort to care for you in a way that you cannot find elsewhere.  Read our reviews and notice a common theme. "Personal, really care, helped me with my need pain, shoulder pain, and more.  What we do find is that when the body is massaged and manipulated regularly, utilizing the existing techniques of massage, it is highly beneficial for EVERYONE! 

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