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​​​"I love working out with Delta and Anita. The tailored workouts have virtually eliminated my knee pain. I can count on not only a great work-out but also encouraging and thought-provoking coaching. " ​​Emily H.

Coaching is the power of the word at work.  As coaches, our job as is to determine how to optimize or maximize each session experience so that you can, without question, experience positive results while gaining a greater understanding that leads to long-term sustainability  

Personal Coaching

Our coaching approach is one of the things that makes us different. Can you use a partner in life that sees the greatness in you? The Delta Method coaches offer support and encouragement, so you can begin to live your aspirations, understanding how to become the person you want to be mentally, physically and spiritually.


A coaching approach differs from the traditional trainer style. Trainers typically focus on exercise and nutrition, telling you what to do or have you repeat or mimic a movement. Coaching provide access to greater possibilities for you. It is not easy to look beyond your habits and perceived limitations. We can help you explore your own uniqueness and learn how to express your dreams and aspirations in life.


Exercise is one aspect of life and simply, a place to start the transformation process. We believe once you learn to create success in one area of your life, you will understand what's needed to achieve and live the results you want in other areas.

Why Coaching? Coaching is the foundation of The Delta Method services because it is and exchange of information that shifts our understanding, expanding the internal work...
Personal Coaching
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Caring and...

I have been with the studio for 7 months now. I take turns having sessions with both instructors. Anita is constructive and gentle. Delta is insightful and thorough. Both are very friendly and extremely personable. As a musician who has to be careful with his or her hands, certain joints, tendons and muscle groups, I'm intimidated by the aggressive/boot camp kind of approach a lot of trainers are taking these days. You can possibly be whipped into shape in a short amount of time but, the risk of injury can be intimidating which might prevent you from going back to the gym ever again.


Delta and Anita helped me to take small but steady steps toward my goal. Today, I can see an obvious change in my body shape, my strength, my endurance and flexibility, and these changes also made a positive impact on my general attitude and approach toward other things in life. As a reference, I go there two or three times a week, and a 15 to 45 min work out at home whenever I feel like it. The massage at the end of each work out is heavenly but, more importantly, consistently utilizing the thereputic component of massage allows me to keep my body in the condition that ensures peak performance conditions.

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