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The Delta Method 

Personal Support System

Our coach-client partnership

is developed and tailored

to the unique and specific 

needs of each client for

a transformative

lifestyle change.

This private, custom-built studio is a comfortable, clean environment where you can learn how to exercise, understand what's needed to improve your physical and mental health, and is perfect for those that want something other than the traditional health club environment and approach.

Our coaching system is designed to facilitate short-term change that leads to long term transformation. We help clients comprehensively manage their health and wellness mentally, physically, and spiritually by helping clients understand how mental attitudes, habitual behaviors, and existing lifestyles can be modified to align with personal goals to create sustainable, positive transformation. Read more on coaching here. 
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The Delta Method approach helps the ordinary person define and establish their own personalized methods, providing the foundation needed to establish one's own methodology that leads to consistent success.  We facilitate understanding, helping you to establish know-how giving you the tools needed to personalized your own methods that lead to the desired experiences.  
Athletes utilize both trainers and coaches in an effort to enhance what they do physically and mentally, perfecting their craft, attempting to maximize their talents, skills, and abilities to be at their best. We help ordinary, everyday people become their own coach and accept the challenge of developing their own path. Change can be experienced by all, short term, but transformation is required to establish a NEW YOU! 
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Classes are very helpful, but there is nothing like Yoga when it's one on one. Imagine having undivided attention and the complete focus is on you. Frankly, one on one Yoga can get expensive, so classes tend to be more frequented as a result. 
Are you a Practitioner of Life? If Yoga is an ongoing practice, shouldn't life be? We believe that life is much like medical practitioners continuing ed courses. You must keep up with changes in self and your environment. This is why you can now utilize the partnership of coaching to ensure your own personal methods of change results in a lifetime of success. Coaching imparts knowledge that leads to understanding, creating a foundation, explaining the importance of key components needed to empower YOU! What is your current method of Delta
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Delta H Brogden III

Delta and Anita Brogden, creators of The Delta Method, offer a coach/client partnership tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Clients can comprehensively manage their health and wellness through the use of services such as; personal training, personal coaching, yoga, massage, and Ayurvedic nutrition. The Delta Method coaching approach engages each individuals uniqueness and specific needs, enabling us to interact with each client uniquely, respecting individuality.


We meet YOU where  YOU are in life, create a personalized experience by providing instruction and guidance on how to create the changes you desire. Coaching, the platform for our services, include personal training, yoga, Ayurvedic nutrition, and massage. The Delta Method is designed to facilitate the change that leads to transformation.

Anita Brogden

Anita Brogden is an Ayurveda Health Coach, a 200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer and a The Delta Method Coach. Her passion for Optimal health and nutrition is rooted in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a life science and is not one size fits all. Ayur=life, Veda= knowledge.


Optimal Health truly is Mind, Body & Spirit. Each person is evaluated to determine their own unique constitution. The results will yield specific foods and lifestyle for that person's unique body type. Transformation happens without dieting, shakes, pills, or the latest diet fad. Meal plans are an option and specific to each person.


Anita enjoys helping people understand the best options in a world of aggressive food marketing and how to sift through all of the information out there, in order to reach and sustain their goals.

Best value in town!

My workout time with Delta is a priority each week. Sessions are specific to my needs. The space is private, and there are only two trainers and two people working out at one time. The appointment process is online and easy. I like the future scheduling ability and, the fact that I can schedule out six months in advance helps me with my calendar. The stretching, yoga and machines help create a good mix of movements that make a real difference.


Delta and Anita are delightful and fun to work with. The time goes very quickly. The husband and wife team is a great benefit to me as they both understand my needs and that gives me greater scheduling flexibility. Each session ends with a ten min massage session and can be longer if needed. My shoulder issues got resolved through a mix of appropriate exercise and area-specific massage. I think The Delta Method is the best value in town!" - Jean R.

2115 Piedmont Rd NE
Studio 1205
Atlanta Georgia 30324

We are in the Midtown / Buckhead area, right off of I 85. We offer a clean, comfortable, safe, private, environment that offers a variety of affordable services, and The Delta Method App is perfect for online, on the go scheduling. Break away from the traditional  exercise experience. Functional movement makes a real difference in how you look, move, feel, and live.  Our system utilizes services that are proven to benefit the "whole person' mentally, physically and spiritually. 

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