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Classes are very helpful, but there is nothing like Yoga when it's one on one. Imagine having undivided attention and the complete focus is on you. Frankly, one on one Yoga can get expensive, so classes tend to be more frequented as a result. 

Our packages are priced so Yoga can be accessible to all that are interested. A 50-minute session can seem like a long time when it's just you and the instructor. The benefits enable you to increase your understanding allowing you to become self-sufficient. Yoga can be done anywhere once you understand what to do.

Purchase a package of Yoga sessions to experience a personalized session for yourself. Or, become a member by becoming a regular, monthly member, and have access to all of our services and really jump start your new way of living life. There is no one to compete with but yourself. You can relax, test yourself, let us guide you while having fun with exercising. Our studio offers infinite exercise movements.

We specialize in movement restoration.  Yoga is perfect for revitalizing the body and is perfect for all ages, like all of our exercise methods. If you have past injuries or concerns regarding instructor awareness, one on one attention is a great place to start. The range of motion issues or imbalances, whatever exists, we work to improve these conditions, not work around them. The Delta Method approach to exercise and restoration and Vinyassa Yoga are a perfect fit if your goal is to improve movement, range of motion in your body, and reduce pain. The Delta Method approach to exercise is the movement of the body in traditional and non-traditional ways.  Yoga is a methodology and practice that does the same. 

"Anita strives to understand where your mind is, what you are stressed about and, coaches you on how to manage the stressful situation as they arise. The coaching approach makes such a difference!"  -Marianne H.

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Anita Brogden
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